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Quality Check

What is Quality Check for?

Ukuleles are built up carefully at the factory, but not completely finished.

All KIWAYA ukuleles must go through the "Quality Check" (QC) before given to the customers.
There are nearly 30 check points. Every ukuleles are checked and adjusted, to keep the playability stabled.

Here are some of the check points from our QC.

*Our quality check is based on preset strings. There might be a need of adjusting by changing the strings to your favorites.


Visual check

First thing that we do, is to check if there is any stain or scratches on the surface with our eyes. The edge of the fingerboard, body, shape of the neck, and the spraying are checked with our hands.

We also check the parts (Nut and Saddle, Tuners etc. etc.) are set up properly too.

String height check

String height is important for good playability.

For KIWAYA's Eco Series, the height is set up with 3mm at 12th fret.
(Artist Series : 2.6mm, Strummer Series : 2.8mm)

*Amount listed here is the average of soprano size ukulele for each series.

Checking the sound and playability

By tuning it up perfectly and playing, we check the sound and the playability. There are a lot of things that we can check from this action, and this is the main part of the QC.

No time for playing one verse of a song because there are many ukuleles waiting behind.

Checking the Frets

We Check each note from 0 to 12th fret, also with chords.(especially with the "B chord") We carefully check the buzz and adjust it if needed.

Adjusting the Nut

If the string height is too high, it is hard to hold down the strings. If it is too low, buzzing (or floppy sound) ukulele will be made. Adjustment here is not only for the string height. It also effects the tension and the tone of the strings. Very delicate work is required.

Adjusting the Saddle

Adjusting the saddle to set up the string height at the 12th fret. If the string height is high you can strum hard, but it will be hard to hold down the strings at high position. In opposite, it will be easy to hold down the strings but delicate control (when strumming, and picking) will be required to avoid the buzz.

We check both Nut and Saddle in a good balance for good playability.

Checking the Tuner

Tuner is an important parts for the string instruments. Tuner must have a smooth and correct action. Traditional ukuleles has a friction tuner (1:1 ratio), but it is little bit hard to tune up. Geared tuners (Gotoh tuner on Photo, ratio 1:14) is more smooth, easy to tune without any stress.

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